Fashion Law

North Korea’s New Fashion Law – Only 28 Hairstyles Permitted!

Struggling to decide on your next hair style?  Can’t decide between a Karlie Kloss bob and a Charlize Theron Oscar crop? Well be thankful you have a choice. A new regulation in North Korea has dictated that just 28 hairstyles are legal in the country and only 18 of these styles are for women.

Single women must keep their locks short but married women can let it all hang loose and grow their tresses, though none of the permitted haircuts are longer than shoulder length. We like number 14′s vintage glamour feel.

Men have even less choice with only 10 approved styles, all of which represent a version of short back and sides. Hair can grow to no more than five centimetres – no Russell Brands here thank you very much. Sadly former leader Kim-Jong Il’s fifties pompadour did not make the final cut.


Since coming to power in 2010, Kim Jong-un has relaxed a number of fashion laws and women are now allowed to wear pants ( making them more modern than the French!), platform shoes and earrings. It’s thought this latest regulation is an experiment in modernising the country’s international image.

Which style would you get to comply with Kin Jun-un’s crazy fashion law?

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