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Guide To Spotting A Fake Handbag!

Buying a new handbag? Don’t get duped by fakes! Wigs And Gowns have published this handy guide to spotting a fake handbag!

We all know the nasty business that goes on behind the counterfeit goods industry, funding terrorism, child slave labour, and who can forget the clothes made with animal faeces? But just how do you know what is counterfeit, and what is authentic, when it comes to handbags?

Well, the surest way is to purchase from an authorised retailer, be it directly from the designer shop or website or from a reputable department store. But I know, we all love a good deal, and it’s easy to get seduced by bargains on eBay, or in consignment shops. So are there any tips in spotting fakes and ensuring your handbag is genuine? Makers of counterfeit goods are getting even more sophisticated with the quality of their copies and fakes can be harder to spot. We’ve drawn up  some tips that should help you distinguish the authentic from the knockoffs.


The stitching should be perfectly even, with no loose threads or double stitching. The seams are often the giveaway when it comes to fakes. Louis Vuitton expertly craft their handbags out of one continuous piece of fabric or material so if the item has cut off/asymmetrical logos or logos running into the seams, it is not authentic.


Spellcheck! This is the most obvious indication of a fake and a pretty poor one at that. Channel sunglasses? Christina Louboutin shoes? Check for spelling errors not just on the item itself but on the logos, tag label, fabric labels and authenticity cards.


Counterfeiters don’t pay as much attention to the inside of the bag, as many shoppers only inspect the exterior. The colours are often not representative of a genuine bag. Check the inside of a bag of an authorized seller to familiarize yourself with the correct shade. It should be exactly the same shade as the real thing, not just similar.


The devil’s in the detail when it comes to spotting fakes. Look out for pockets in the wrong places, zips in the wrong colour. Counterfeiters often work from photographs instead of the original handbag and can miss the smaller details


Your handbag should come in a dust bag and there should be no plastic wrapping wrap or bubble wrap around the handles.

Place of manufacture

Often counterfeiters will mark knockoffs as “Made in France”, or “Made in Italy”, without checking their facts. Prada in fact manufacture some lines in China, as do Longchamp. Louis Vuitton had a line manufactured in Spain. Find out where the bag in question should have been manufactured and check that the label corresponds accordingly.

We’ve said it before – while it’s not always easy to spot a fake, especially online, remember the old adage, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You won’t get a Birkin Bag for £200 and you won’t find that Stella Falabella bag for fifty quid down your local market! Remember, fakes are never in fashion!

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